Monday, July 7, 2008

So much fun to be had so little summer!

My pictures are once again in random order. We spent the fourth of July weekend at the lake. We all had loads of fun. My brother Brandon and his wife Stephanie came down from Houston. It was good to see them because we don't see them near enough. Andy/Katie Bennett and Kim/Kyle Stringer came up for some fun, too. We had several much needed short rain storms and nobody got hurt. God is so good. By the end of the day Beck is so tired he just falls asleep on who ever will hold him.
Check out this beauty! The sun sets at the lake are always gorgeous. I wish everyone could see them in real life because my camera just doesn't do them justice.
God presented us with this beauty forth of July morning after a brief rain storm. Isn't she pretty. I love to see rainbows. It reminds me that God does keep his promises.
Josh taught Hogan and Elisabeth how to cast the cast net all by themselves. Hogan was able to catch this one all by himself. Isn't she pretty? Too bad she's a carp and not good for eaten. (I don't really know that she's a girl it just sounds good). They spent much of the weekend catching fish for bait. I have some pictures of the big fish Elisabeth caught to come. I didn't have my camera out and borrowed Holley's. As soon as she sends them to me I'll post them.
Check out her big orange lips!
He also caught this cute little craw fish Harley is holding up for us to see.
Josh also taught Hogan how to light fire crackers all by himself. He spent hours lighting black cats. It was so fun for him. I am not sure I am completely comfortable with him lighting fireworks yet but he was having so much fun I just couldn't say no. The fuses were fast so I didn't let him throw them like we were. I think Josh is loving that the kids are getting bigger and can do all that fun stuff by themselves now.
On an another note, we had an awesome fireworks display. My cousin has the lake house next door to us and her daughter's soccer coach came up and bought several thousand dollars worth of fireworks. (I just couldn't light up several thousand dollars in smoke but I am glad there are people out there that can because the rest of us got to enjoy it) Needless to say it was fantastic and lasted for hours.


Perks said...

I am loving the recent pics of Beck falling asleep. He is such a cutie. I love the fact that he's still little enough to just get tired and fall asleep. Enjoy those moments!!! :)

ntaylor said...

Looks like you had a great 4th! Let me know when you all are coming to town, we would love to see you!