Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Beck Garmin!

Well it is birthday season around here and we have yet another birthday to celebrate. Happy third birthday Beck. Beck is definitely the entertainer of the family. He gets in lots of trouble but probably not as much trouble as he should get in because Josh and I baby him way too much. Beck always has a smile and a sparkle in his eye. He loves his big sister. He loves Diego and cars and boats. Of all my children, he is the biggest Daddy's boy. Beck is really tall for his age so people often mistake him for being Gates twin brother. But he is only three. Three sounds so old! Beck loves coke! (Go ahead and gasp. Yes, I give my children cokes even when they're less than a year old. I love them, too.) If you click on this picture and get a closer look, you can see the coke running down his chest. He was so happy and proud of his big boy drink. He is not quite two in this picture.
Two year old in College Station at the Atkinson ranch.
Beck loves Concan. We can't wait to go again next week.
When you ask Beck who's boy he is he rattles off "Momma's boy, Daddy's boy and E-maw's boy" (E-maw is how he says grandma. He loves my mom and asks me daily to go to her house)
He looks so big in this picture. Here, he is almost three.
Brand new Beck in the hospital. Hogan just had to give him a kiss.
Aggie Beck. They are all Aggies for now. Hopefully they will stay that way.
Beck was always happy and fat. His big head didn't seem to bother him a bit.
Eighteen months at David and Sarah Grove's house. He already looked so big.
Sweet boy! We love you!


J Katy Garner said...

Happy Birthday to you , happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Beck, Happy Birthday to you!!!

Perks said...

What a cutie. The picture of him drinking the coke is so funny. My kids would love to be around you more...they only get coke on their birthday! :)

Lisa said...

His little smile just melts my heart. I love birthdays but always get a little sad that another year has flown by. Hope you guys had a great time.

Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

Happy 3rd Brithday Beck... He does look alot like his big brother...I hope you guys had a great day celebrating his birth.

Darrell and Angie Campbell said...

Happy Birthday big guy! 3 is such a big year for boys!!!! And, Carson's favorite drink is Diet Dr. Pepper, just like mine!

Linda said...

What sweet babies Sheridan. :o) My parents have a ranch in Concan. Happy birthday to all your sweet ones!

da momma said...

oh my goodness! you have 4 adorable kiddos!!
Saw your name - thought Id pop in and glad I did....Its Whitney Terrell....from the happy to say hello and see you precious family!