Thursday, July 24, 2008

No Electricity

So last night our electricity went out. It got hot while we slept and it was way too quiet. Plus the wind was howling from Dolly. All of this means no sleep. Our fence blew down (it was terrible to begin with Josh had it rigged) and we lost lots of branches from our tree but other than that Dolly was no big deal. OH... and 6-8 inches of rain. So... on with my story. I thought for sure we would have electricity by morning but no. So we went to my moms because she did have electricity and I couldn't cook breakfast. 11:00 still no electricity so we went out to run errands and finalize all the stuff for the BIG sleepover tomorrow night. (What was I thinking) Took Lolly to guitar lessons, got home still no electricity. Our house was HOT and muggy. YUCK! I had to stay home though because there was tons to do. The boys couldn't sleep at nap because they were hot and the house was too quiet. At 2:30 we finally got electricity. It took an hour for the house to cool back down but we are finally cool. It is really hard to care for four kids with no electricity. We take so much for granted. So I am off to bed and really tired. My little girl will be seven tomorrow. I can't believe it! and I have to hit the ground running to make her day very special. Oh one last thing....I still can't find that DARN snake. Don't you think he made his way outside? Surely? Right? Lots of Love.


Lisa said...

Our electricity went off in the middle of the night while Clay was in London and I thought I would lose my mind with the silence. So glad yours is back on for the party. And maybe the snake is hanging around to make it the most memorable slumber party ever!

J Katy Garner said...

that's horrible and not a good time of year not to have AC... my girls would be the same way we have to sleep with noise going!!!
I hope the party goes great, I cannot believe she is 7 either! We will be calling to sing to her later today.

Zoe said she actually did want to come and live with you guys, the cookie with chocolate is just too good, we told her she was stuck with us ; )

Jill said...

Last summer when I was about 7 mos. pregnant our AC went out. We could use fans, but it was seriously HOT and I get huge when i'm pregnant so i was miserable. thankfully, brody stayed home to wait for the repairmen and i took scarlett to my parents.
glad to hear you are ok after dolly, and i hope you find that stinkin' snake!!