Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pictures from Fort Davis in Random Order

All the kids and the dads went to look at the deer and elk one night. The dads let the kids ride in the back of Pawpaw's truck on the way home. The kids thought it was great! I'm not sure the mamas would have approved.
All the Aggie graduates.
Pawpaw had his hand on Gates' head as he walked by. I thought it was just too sweet.
While we were at the telescopes it hailed on us. Here is Hogan showing me some balls of ice. The kids thought it was great because they have never seen hail before. It doesn't hail much in south TX. Gates said that God was dumping a big bucket of ice on us. Gates was not happy about the thunder.

Beck was such a trooper. He followed us around the fort all day with out a noise. He finally told Josh he was tired and in less than a minute he was asleep on Josh's sholder. Grammy bought all the kids hats at the gift shop. He chose the junior ranger hat and said it was his cow boy hat.
All the girls got bonnets. Wasn't Zoe just precious in hers. She was very proud of herself that she stood up backwards in the stroller.
Elisabeth climbed the tree in Granny and Pawpaws yard. I loved this picture looking up at her. I can't believe she is already climbing trees. Ok I know I am biased but isn't she pretty.

Beck and Josh walking the path at the fort.
Gates and Shelby are the best of friends. They always want to ride together and sit together. They get along perfectly and are so sweet.
Beck was just too cute in his "cow boy hat"
It wouldn't be a Leftwich family get together without an Aggie T-shirt picture. Here we all are.
Gates chose a soldier hat. He wore it just a little crooked and it was really cute, too.


Corrie said...

Yes, Elisabeth IS very pretty. She looks just like her momma!

Robinson Family said...

I'm not at all biased, and YES...she is gorgeous! (As are all of your children)

Love the picture of Papaw's hand on Gates' head--precious.

Lisa said...

I love all of these photos - priceless! Looks like you guys had a great time...nothing like the summer.

Darrell and Angie Campbell said...

What a special time to get together! I sure wish we could have all Aggie shirts in our fam too, but alas, my sister went to Texas Tech, and my brother went to Lamar.

You guys look like you had a wonderful time together!

J Katy Garner said...

love your picks... Lolly is gorgeous! : ) We had a blast with you guys

Amy said...

Hogan needs to come to Childress for a visit. I can guarantee him so good, quality hail while he is here!! Don't show him the pictures of our house or he may not be so excited about it!!:)

Looks like an awesome trip. I love that every single one of you are Aggies. We tell our kids if they don't go to ACU they ARE going to A&M. Maybe our kids will be there together. At least a couple of them!!

Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

These are the cutest pics... what great memories and definitly slideshow quality for future events... I love it. It is always encouraging to see that many aggies in one picture.

Linda said...

Sheridan! I found your blog through Nic and I'm so glad I did. :o) I am in awe at your beautiful family. I hope you all are doing well and I'll definitely be checking in from time to time! Say hello to Brandon for me.

Big hugs!

Jenny Wims said...

Your pictures from your trip are absoulutely gorgeous. Seeing pictures of your whole family is so can just tell that everyone is having a terrific time. You have a beautiful family.