Monday, July 7, 2008

More pictures from the lake...

Hope you're not sick of seeing all our pictures. I couldn't resist sharing these pictures I took with Holley's camera. Even though there is a huge lake in front of them. Harley and Hogan chose to play in a rubber made filled with water by the water hose.
This is Hogan bringing up the cast net with his big fish. He was so proud.
Check out the green tree frog my dad found in his boat engine compartment. It is very cool!
What a sweet face this little boy has! He is really such a stinker. But we sure love him. (Holley took this picture)
We fly both of these flags from the end of the pier every weekend. We occasionally get a boat load of people go by whooping. WHOOP!
Peek a boo! Gates and Harley see you.
Hogan filling his rubbermaid with the water hose.
Proud fisherman!

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Amy said...

I never get sick of seeing pictures of your sweet kids!!

Looks like you all had tons of fun!