Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just One More?

I love being pregnant. Well maybe not the first part where I barf for days on end and when I'm not barfing I'm feeling like I could barf any minute, but the rest of it I love.

I love having an infant to hold and nurse.

I love sweet little baby things and just how stinken cute they are.

I know I have days with my four that I just couldn't take on one more thing, but there is still that part of me that would love to have another.

I have really great kids that keep my really busy.

I know that they are all blessings from God. I still have not figured out why God thought I should be blessed so richly but he did. Thank you God!

I don't ever want to be greedy or take on more than I could handle.

I want my life to honor God and does raising five children help me do that?

So is it smart to have just one more? Josh says that if I really want one more that he wants to have it sooner than later. He thinks that four is plenty and definately feels the financial stress of supporting us all (including the private school and my shopping habits, which is a whole nother story). But would have another if I wanted one.

I hate having the decision put on me.:)

Another child would make us for sure have to get a new car (or two).

We have already out grown our house so I don't think that will matter.

But is it wise? with the economy?

Or maybe I am thinking too hard about it and I should just let nature run its course. Oh wait, that is how I got the other four. and Quick!

So...would you if you were me...or if you were you...have just one more?


Tricia said...

As far as more kids go...I know what to say. Wes told me this morning that if I wanted a girl, he was ready to start trying. But what if it isn't a sweet little girl?
Okay...I need to stay on track, potty training. I have several silly questions for you. We went to Target this morning and I made Sam put on a pull up. Is that smart? How long should I put on a pull up when we go somewhere? When we start going without the pull up, do you just go running when they say they have to go to the bathroom? If you read my blog, he went all day yesterday without tee-teeing in his pants, but he did poop in them. Any ideas for the pooping part. We told him that he will get two cars if he can go poop in the potty. Your method worked great for training him to go tee-tee. I also still put a pull up on him for naps and night time, even though he usually wakes up dry. I guess I am just a little scared not to put on the pull up. Ideas about this too? Thanks so much for all your help!

Amy said...

This is a tough one! When I had Case, I told everyone that he was my last. We had a princess and a couple of little pirates running around. Life was grand. But deep down inside I REALLY wanted another. Don't get me wrong, I really wasn't expecting to get preggo when Case was only 6 months old AND STILL NURSING EVERY 4 HOURS!! But, still I was not satisfied with our little family as far as size was concerned.

So here is my advice. If you have a longing to have another, THEN DO!! I 100%, totally, absolutely believe that when you are finished YOU WILL FEEL IT deep down inside. There will not be any question about it and you will have a sense of peace.

After Kenna Mae was born, I felt that peace. Our family is complete. And I feel it. That longing I had since I was 19 years old to have kids, kids, kids, was gone. AND boy are we happy!!


The Venables said...

Well, here are my two cents....being the wise mother of just one child so far!:) GO FOR IT!! I agree that when you are done, you will probably know you are DONE! I also believe that God will provide you and Josh with whatever you need to make it with 5 kiddos. On that note, I say you should pray, pray, pray for God's guidance and conviction as to what He wants for your life. I believe children are truly a blessing from Him and He will only give you what you can handle. If God gives you the go-ahead for another child, don't worry about the finances or if you will be able to handle it. I think God will provide you with all the strength you need if you seek first His will. So that is my advice, ask God and let Him make the decision! That will hopefully take the burden off your shoulders!! I love your sweet family and your outlook on life and how you want lots of kids. It makes me smile to read your blog and hear how blessed you are to be living your dream as a Mommy....and a great one at that! Good luck! Can't wait to hear what you decide!

Eckmama said...

You know, you have an amazing husband. : )

I have to say, though, that you and I (among many other women I know) may just be the kind of moms who will ALWAYS want another baby. Just one more! I felt so certain through my last pregnancy that this was it for me, there is no way I could go through this again (and I love being pregnant too, but that last one was tough). This whole last year with four kids has been NUTS--heavenly nuts, but my goodness, do I really think I could handle another child? LOL (Of course I could!) I wasn't expecting to wish for anymore babies, but I still do. I think I always will. For ME, even though I would love to keep having kids, it's just not reasonable for our family to keep growing. I know that's not true for everyone, and maybe you are supposed to have just one more. Definitely pray about it, and then be willing to accept God's answer, whatever it is. I won't say listen to your heart, because if I listened to my heart we'd have 19 kids! haha! But listen to the Lord, and you surely can't go wrong. I'll pray for you too!

Tricia said...

You are so great! Thank you so much for the advice! Just knowing that you have done this with 4 makes me trust your advice. We are doing good so far!

Khristy said...

Okay, I've been surfing my friends' (mostly Aggie :) ) blogs and stumbled on yours. I don't even know if you'll remember me or Shawn, but your post struck a chord in me. I have 3 kids--6 yr old girl, 3 yr old boy, and 17 mth old boy. I totally agree with what Amy said. When I had 2, I positively ached for another baby. I had my 3rd in Jan of 07, and the ache is gone. I feel at peace. Sure I sometimes feel a wistful twinge when I remember being pregnant/nursing, etc., but it's not the bone-deep, keep you awake in the middle of the night ache.

Of course, it's also best financially and in my case physically (2 miscarriages and pregnancy-induced hypertension (high blood pressure)), but that's not the real reason. The real reason is that I no longer ache.

Blessings in whatever you decide.

Corrie said...

Hmmm... well I think you know how I feel about it! I think if you want another and Josh is on board, then go for it. Trust me -- it's better to be the one who gets to make the decision than to have the decision made for you. :(
I'm pretty sure my husband thinks I'm one of those women who just always wants a baby around -- and he's probably right in thinking that -- and that's why he's putting his foot down. Gotta stop somewhere right? -- at least that's his thinking. But if you want 5 kids -- 5 teenagers, 5 rebellions, 5 this and 5 that -- and it's not just about another baby, then I say have another and don't look back. I wish I could.

Off topic -- I think it is absolutely hysterical that you actually used the term "turtle head" when responding to Tricia's post. I laughed SO HARD.

Perks said...

I had those feelings that "I would be sad if this was my last" when IKP was a baby. Now, I know #4 is my last. I really feel a peace about it. As much as I love infants and tiny babies, I'm excited to see what the next phase holds as they all get older.

With all that said, I think you should try to have #5. If it's meant to be, it'll happen.

You've always talked about another. Maybe God is trying to tell you something!? :)

J Katy Garner said...

I love being Aunt Katy to your kidos : )
(that's the extent of my wisdom/advice, I know I give pearls... heheh)

Darrell and Angie Campbell said...

I really don't know how to answer this question as we are going through the same debate with a possible number 3. I personally cannot imagine how you handle 4, much less possibly 5, but I know that you will always be beautiful and will always be a perfect little mother! You do so well! You are an inspiration to me, and I can see how many people you have helped through your blog! I am so glad we reunited at the AFC reunion!

Shannon said...

Yep. Why not?