Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hogan headed for trouble

Today we went to a friend's house from church to swim. There were several families there including several teenage girls. On a side note: the teenagers at our church are awesome with our kids and always play with them. They a very pretty, too. While we were there, Hogan had the following conversation with Hailey (an 18 year old who just finished her first year at ACU)

Hogan: "Are you old enough to kiss?"

Hailey : "No, not yet."

Hogan: "When will you be old enough?"

Hailey: "Not for a really long time."

Hogan: "I'm old enough." long pause "Since you can't kiss, will you baptise me?"

Hailey: "I don't think I'm ordained to."

I did not hear this conversation. Instead the young girls mom told me about it over dinner with several other moms that were there. They all had heard the conversation. They did think it was very funny thankfully. I however, am so embarrassed! I told Josh he had to have a long talk with him.


Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

You are introuble... made me laugh out loud... so cute and still laughing. Thanks for sharing and I can not wait to see what Pierce's conversations will be with the pretty ladies... no telling.

Perks said...

Oh...THAT is hilarious. I think you guys read different bedtime Bible stories than we do. ;)

Tricia said...

Hey! Thanks so much for the advice on potty training. We have started this morning and have cleaned up two accidents already. But I am going to try your method and see if it works. Also I love this post! Sam is already starting to say things that make us laugh so hard. Being a mom is the best! Again thanks for the advice and feel free to give advice when you can because you know much more than I do about raising kiddos.

Amy said...

Hey Sheridan!
I started reading your blog recently, got the link from someone else's. Anyway, this post is hilarious! Made me laugh out loud! =)
amy buchanan

Amy said...

He's gonna be a ladies man like my Kooper!! Did you read in our Christmas letter that Koop refers to himself quiet often as a "chick magnet"! Now wouldn't they be a pair together?? We really must try getting together some time. I personally love the "trip to the beach for photography lessons" idea!! We just bought a trailer yesterday so maybe we'll swing right down to Corpus before the end of the summer!! We are going to Schlitterbahn in New Braunsfels in August sometime, is that remotely close??:)

J Katy Garner said...

like father like son.... Josh was playing kiss chase at Hogan's age : )